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MCing at the FIERCE RULING DIVAS BALL [Nov. 17th, 2010|01:17 am]
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Man, there are some amazing photos of me from the ball on Saturday - let me indulge myself a bit here! :-)

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TRANARCHY in the Barras Pt 1 [Nov. 15th, 2010|01:33 pm]
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So the Fierce Ruling Diva's Ball was a total success - more in depth reportage coming on that soon but for now here a little video taster - thanks to Style Scanner:

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METATRON Journeys EP [Nov. 12th, 2010|12:17 am]
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Last post for just now - I have a new 3 track Metatron EP about to drop on Black Lantern Music. Before they gat it up though, here it is for you my blog readers. This is more experimental than the last EP, though it still falls roughly within the boundaries of what we call "dubstep" 9this time with some industrial, house and techno influences). It's a bit rough and ready as I am trying to capture a certain naiveté of production, and it was made mostly on train journeys up and down the land, hence the name.

1 - Planes
2 - Trains
3 - Automobiles

Download it from:
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Sinden plays "I Came" on KISS FM [Nov. 12th, 2010|12:05 am]
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Sinden played my upcoming single "I Came" on his Kiss FM show the other week.

You can download the show from here:

I'm in some pretty good company! Check it out:

Horsepower Productions – Mexican Slayride – Tempa
Scientist vs Guido – Korg Back Dub – Tectonic
DJ / Rupture & Matt Shadatek – Sunset B35 – Dutty Artz
Girl Unit – Wut – Night Slugs
Gold Panda – Vanilla Minus – Notown
SBTRKT – Look At Stars – Young Turks
The Niallist – I Came – Little Rock
Rustie – Neko – Warp Records
These New Piritons ft Main Attraktionz – 3000 – Domino
Tan Lines – Bees (Capracara Remix) – CDR
Pearson Sound – Blanked – Hesson Audio
Warrior One – Lord Of Bashy (Douster Remix) – Mixpak
The 2 Bears – Church – Southern Fried
Ramadanman & Appleblim – Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit) – AUS
Brackles & Shortstuff ft Terrible Shock – Good Foundations – Blunted Robots
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"The Hots": limited edition download on Juno [Nov. 12th, 2010|12:01 am]
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Andy Blake has put a bunch of Dissident releases up for limited edition, 100-only download sale on Juno, including my own "The Hots" from last year. You can listen and/or buy it here:

There's a whole bunch more Dissident releases to be found on Juno, at - get them while you can cos these are sure to go like hot cakes!
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MENERGY FIERCE RULING DIVAS BALL [Nov. 11th, 2010|11:25 pm]
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As I mentioned before, we are putting on a drag/vogue ball in Glasgow on Saturday, in association with Che Camille and Glasgay, called the "Fierce Ruling Diva's Ball". There has been a bit of a buzz about this event, and people are excited, but lots of them just don't know what voguing is or what you do at a ball. So, I have put together a post on the legendary "House Of Ninja", probably the world's premiere voguing family, over on the Menergy blog. I will spare you yet another epic un-cut post on LJ tonight, but it's definitely worth a read and a watch. "VOGUING - The House Of Ninja"

Now this doesn't take into account the drag aspects of a ball, just the dance side, and I will do another post on the drag element soon (or get Munter to do it instead). But this has really tapped into something in me - the music, the dancing, the sense of respect that voguing can give to kids that society casts out - it's all there and I feel it very strongly. It's going to have an effect on my future music, I can tell already.

In terms of my own role I am not going to be competing, instead I will be MCing (and maybe doing a small bit of live performing). I'm really excited because I LOVE the camp vogue-MCing style, and I shall be channeling the great Selvin Mizrahi from the House of Mizrahi. And of course I can't help but be influenced by Horse Meat Disco's legendary ball host Filthy Luka.

There is a fashion show on the night too, and guest DJ sets from Jon Pleased Wimmin and Graham Peel of Dolby Anol. It's shaping up to be a very special night indeed, in a fantastic location, with some fantastic folk already involved (Vanity von Glow, Lock Up Your Daughters, Illa Masqua make-up and more), and I have to admit I am a bit nervous! :-D

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Graham Hancock on Egypt [Nov. 11th, 2010|09:37 pm]
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Taking a break from the music for a moment, here's a couple of vids of the kind of "esoteric" stuff that I like. People are so quick to assume that people who are interested in this kind of thing are somehow stupid or deluded - and yes of course there are a lot of charlatans peddling crap out there to some very gullible people - but it seems self-evident to me that the curious mind will not settle for accepting the answers handed down from above without question. Egyptology is the most glaring example of that. There are just far too many piece of the "official" story that do not fit.

This talk form Graham Hancock (which has got little to nothing to do with 2012) is excellent, and points out many of the flaws in received wisdom about Egyptian culture, its age, and the use of the Pyramids and the Sphynx. The most popular comment on this video compares Hancock to David Icke, which is a kind of travesty. Icke is, at best, a disinformation agent. Hancock (who may nto be right) is a serious scholar.

If you like that talk, then check this series out. It's waaay further out than Hancock (even though Hancock's colleague Robert Bauvall is featured heavily), positing as it does that the Pyramids are actually giant, ancient energy domes. I'm not sure about that, but it makes for some excellent viewing:

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YO! MAJESTY "I Came" [Nov. 11th, 2010|09:17 pm]
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Well, since I went to London to work with Shunda K, she passed the I Came beat on to the other half of Yo! Majesty Shon B, who has also recorded a verse, and now the track is slated to be on their next album.

FUCK ME. That's pretty amazing right there - Y!M are easily my favourite hip-hop group of recent years, not just cos of their awesome music, but also all the awesome shit they stand for. I feel really honoured that they liked the track so much!! I am going to put some new beats together for them soon too, let's hope they like them too...

YO! MAJESTY I Came by theniallist

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Lock Up Your Daughters ft Scream Club & Electrrosexual [Nov. 11th, 2010|07:20 pm]
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The week before Halloween I was back in Glasgow to DJ at Lock Up Your Daughters fifth fanzine launch party, where the special live guests were none other than Scraem Club & Electrosexual. They rocked it!

Photo by Jon Pritchard.

I got to DJ a lot of music I wouldn't normally play at Menergy, namely electro-house, dubstep, and a smattering of indie. It was great fun. I put together a promo mix for the night, which you can hear:

LUYD Mix by theniallist

SHUNDA K I'm Da Best ft Shon B (Niallist Duh Mixx)
AZZIDO DA BASS I Want U (Beats/Parts 1&2)
NOISY PIG Hey Jumper (Hawnay Troof Remix)
LESLIE & THE LYS Blame Tha Booty (NSL Remix)
FERAL Dskasting (Big Fi Remix)
GRACE JONES Pull Up To The Bumper (!2" Version)
CRYSTAL FIGHTERS I Love London (Matt Walsh & Alex Jones Met Police Re-Think)
DAFT PUNK Superheroes
BILL CONTI Gonna Fly Now
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ALL ABOUT EVIL!!! [Nov. 11th, 2010|05:32 pm]
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More Halloweeny hi-jinx, although this time it was at the start of October, not the end. On Saturday 3rd of October I took part in the floor show for the European premiere of SF drag legend Peaches Christ's directorial debut "All About Evil". It was AMAZING! We really broke the fourth wall, in ways I had been dreaming about for years. I will leave it to the event's producer Bren O'Callaghan to fill in the details. Yes, this post is epic, but NO I WILL NOT hide it behind a "cut" - I'm going to force you all TO WATCH! MWAH HAH HAH HAH!!!

From Bren O'Callaghan's website.

Zsa Zsa Noir, The Lady Pudding, Peaches Christ / image: WeAreTape

Abandon. Normal. Devices. That’s right, roll those words around your mouth as if you were tying a cherry stalk into a knot with your tongue. A double-knot, mind. Intended as a catalyst for production and experimentation, AND is a collaboration between Cornerhouse (Manchester), FACT (Liverpool) and folly (Lancaster), cross-regional in base but international in scope. During October 2010 the emphasis was upon on explorations of identity, behaviour and systems that define who and what we are: from gender, questions relating to ab/normality and picking at the scab of taboo to reveal the raw and puckered flesh glistening beneath.

image: Kris Krug

Peaches Christ (performer and filmmaker Joshua Grannell) has been the horror hostess of Midnight Mass at The Bridge Theatre, San Francisco for the past ten years. A fan of cult cinema, from Showgirls to Female Trouble, Xanadu to Mommie Dearest, his legendary pre-show performances with a loyal retinue of drag assistants attract sell-out crowds and often incorporate guest appearances with directors and cast members (John Waters, Tura Santana, Linda Blair and more). Cited as the most successful midnight movie series since The Rocky Horror Picture Show, it’s a quasi-religious experience that replaces any sense of guilt with a mutually deranged congregation.

Princess Pitt, Cleavage the Killer Clown / image: WeAreTape

Described as ‘the opposite of a relaxing experience’, previous shows have included a Filthiest Person Alive contest, chilli-eating chowdowns, hooker beauty contests and mother-daughter mud wrestling, mixing drag cabaret with music hall mugging, a theatre of the absurd that lunges at cinematic rejects with true affection. After attending one such event, Midnight Mass presents Teen Witch (free magical audience makeovers!) I can report that the presiding vibe was that of a dysfunctional family: by no means all extrovert, with some who just like to watch, others who live to perform, drawn together to celebrate a shared love of trash and mischief.

Isla and Sheela Blige / image: WeAreTape

Having directed a number of no-budget shorts during the same period (Season of the Troll, A Nightmare on Castro Street, Whatever Happened to Peaches Christ?), Joshua has recently completed his first feature-length debut, a comedy-horror starring a roll call of cult idols. From John Waters’ regular Mink Stole (Pink Flamingos, Serial Mom), to Cassandra Peterson (camp vamp queen Elvira, Mistress of the Dark), to Thomas Dekker (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and The Guardian-approved return to form of Natasha Lyonne (But I’m A Cheerleader, American Pie).

The rapid-paced plot for All About Evil revolves around The Victoria Theatre, a vintage movie palace inherited by mousy librarian Deborah (Lyonne) from her B-movie loving father. Struggling to retain audiences, a violent tussle at the popcorn machine with her deliciously bitchy mother terminates in the discovery of a serial-killer within. Making direct and explicit reference to the audience watching and the captive (quite literally) attendees on-screen, let’s just say you might want to turn your mobile off…

Natasha Lyonne as Deborah Tennis / All About Evil

Aided by her psychotic staff, a pair of identical evil twins (Jade & Nickita Ramsey), a murderous street hustler (Noah Segan) and her faithful, drooling lapdog of an elderly projectionist (Jack Donner), Deborah begins churning out weekly gore shorts based upon literary classics – The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, McDeath, The Maiming of the Shrew – becoming an overnight sensation. Camp, hilarious, horrifying yet intelligent, Grannell highlights the loss of independent screens, lack of female horror directors and the importance of a florid imagination; refereeing a bare knuckle debate between classic splatter versus the current trend for gorno.

Mink Stole / photo: Austin Young

And so on to the show. As the first screening of All About Evil outside of the US, the International Premiere was an advance sell-out and had been months in preparation as we spread news of the impending visitation. With groundswell support from Homotopia and Grimm up North, the word was well and truly out… and the response was a roar of approval. Pounding the streets well past midnight, I whispered into the ears of the beautiful and the damned, picking my way through the chicken-bone carnage and dark heart of the industrial revolution as part of a recruitment campaign to enlist foot soldiers in the service of guerilla filmmaking.

Will & Rick / image: WeAreTape

After sunset on the evening of the show, avant-punks Will & Rick entertained Cornerhouse café-bar with a set of horror oddities, including Haunted Homes, Hot Dog Man and the newly created All About Evil (an ode to the world’s most prolific serial killers) in honour of the occasion. Followed by Trash-O-Rama, the duo then dashed over the road to the cinema lobby to tease spooky sounds from theramin and blade saw for the audience on arrival, contributing to what we had anticipated to be a sense of gowing unease, but which on the night had become carnivalesque chaos: car horns beeping, vocal outrage and traffic-stopping outfits as The Children of the Popcorn arrived in full force.

Kerry Kat / image: WeAreTape

A band of enraged librarians, apparently dismayed at their portrayal as repressed psycho-killers within the movie (actually recruited in advance from the city’s drag, bear, burlesque and cult film communities), barracked the audience queue that now snaked outside the cinema; itself built into and beneath the railway arches under Oxford Road Station. Clubbers, students and rugby fans returning from a local game stopped to gawp and in some cases join in, one young and unknown woman whipping out her guitar to strum up some support. Placards were of the literary-entendre variety: ‘Can’t Get Enough Dickens’, ‘I Like to Lit Crit’, ‘Pride Not Prejudice’, ‘Bag Yourself a Trollope’, ‘Peaches Is Not The Only Fruit’, ‘Born to be Mild’, and ‘Down with Peaches’.

image: Neil Shearer

Cross-stitch badges were distributed by the angry mob to anyone standing still long enough to receive the honour, featuring more slogans written in demure needlepoint: ‘Books Not Drugs’, ‘Check Me Out’, ‘Sshh, Quiet Sleaze’ and fistfuls emblazoned with their mascot, Knobby the Owl. Any attempt to remark upon their feathered friend’s uncanny resemblance to a large purple penis (intentionally so, fnar), was met with incredulity and a strict dressing-down. Thanks are owed to designer Pete Adlington and the fast turnaround of Badgesaplenty for this popular addition to the night.

Zsa Zsa Noir, Isla Blige / image: Neil Shearer

Minutes before the doors were due to open, two genuine police riot vans arrived with an accompanying dog unit having received reports of a public disturbance; confirmed no doubt by CCTV footage from the immediate vicinity, as by now hundreds were either queuing or staring, with librarians foaming at the mouth in a collective Oscar-clinching delivery of indignant outrage. Despite our law enforcers finding find men in tweed skirts with full beards and a throng of buxom biblio-babes, some of those on the picket line felt compelled to flash their saucy underthings at the constables to confirm cover stories.

David Watson, Cheddar Van De Tramp / image: WeAreTape

Once the doors were opened, the scenes of heightened anticipation only grew. Professor Patricia MacCormack, cine-excess specialist and present to conduct a Q&A with director Joshua Grannell the next day, arrived sporting a cut-throat, severed nipples and a headdress of spiked syringes, while a trio of delightfully undead ladies from the GOREgeous make up academy positively oozed hex-appeal, shredded musculature flapping from their torn faces, as arrivals of the weird, wild and just plain WRONG variety confirmed that we had plenty of contenders for the costume competition.

Prof. Patricia MacCormack / image: WeAreTape

Jade and Nikita Ramsey, present on home soil in character as killer twins Veda and Vera, were assisted by lookalikes Stef Elrick and Laura McGee of dance duo Ultra Violet Violence in distributing Dixie cups amongst the audience for the unpleasant toast to come. The librarians too had managed secure tickets in order to continue their protest inside, tutting loudly and criticising their neighbours racy outfits before reluctantly settling back for the show to begin. It was time. The lights dulled, the music struck up, and Peaches Christ herself strode regally down the central aisle flanked by her twins and a medley of monsters who tumbled in her wake.

image: WeAreTape

Joining her were Robin Hoodie, zombie pick-pocket; Elsa Manchester, Bride of Frankenstein; Cheddar Van De Tramp, The Goat of Mendes; Cleavage the Killer Clown; Camp Dragula; Two Ton Tess Tickle, a lovelorn Cthulhu; vampiress Princess Pit, plus yours truly as an insane usher. My participation was due to losing one of our monsters at the last minute (later found recovering from an alcohol induced blackout after starting the celebrations a little too soon), as the only other person who knew the dance moves. My fright was compensated by being able to slip into the official red velvet uniform of The Victoria Theatre’s staff, provided by Peaches’ own costume designer Tria Connell.

image: Kris Krug

So we began, throwing our best shapes and tearing the twins limb-from-limb for opening number Gore Gore Girl, which was received rapturously by the capacity audience. A call for participants to partake of the Gore Couture costume competition resulted in some stiff competition, with Splat (actually our placard designer) coming a close runner-up in his body-hugging burst parcel tape ensemble. Second place was awarded to the fabulously fierce Sebastian in his diamond skull stacked heels and midnight shroud, with the enigmatic Pascale declared the winner, surely smiling somewhere beneath his bandages, safety pins, aviator goggles and Tim-Burton inspired sartorial tailoring.

1st Prize / image: Kris Krug

Prizes included posters and t-shirts from Peaches Christ Productions, an entire classic horror library courtesy of Penguin Books, retro B-Movies (The Wasp Woman, The Killer Shrews, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die) and the handsome hardback publication Hammer Glamour, detailing the sultry sirens of this infamous British movie studio with thanks due to Titan Books. The winners received their treats stuffed inside miniature coffins, which presumably they can re-use to scare parents of infant trick-or-treaters by leaving out on the doorstep with a handwritten sign reading ‘Room to Let’.

image: Neil Shearer

But the night had only just begun. As Peaches Christ’s home grown sidekick Martiny failed to show at her allotted cue, our mistress took to using some VERY BAD WORDS to describe the failings of San Francisco’s most tragic drag wannabe, causing the seeded protestors present to snap, leap from their seats and ringleaders to storm the stage to repudiate her vile vowel usage and negative representation of book lovers. “The only thing we kill is illiteracy!” they insisted, to which Peaches responded with the argument that director Joshua Grannell’s depiction of their on-screen colleague was a strong and powerful woman of which they should be proud.

The Midnight Growler / image: WeAreTape

Unable to calm the braying mob, Miss Christ pulled out her own trick card. “You’re all sluts and whores”, she told them, going so far as to suggest that she only had to play a nasty mash-up of tunes to see them succumb to the music of their own, lust-deprived loins. “Never!” they shrieked. Like a red rag to a bull, Peaches could stand no more. The signal was given, and the music began. Manchester’s own The Midnight Growler was immediately possessed by the beat, yanking down his trousers and bending over to reveal shit-smeared underpants emblazoned with the words ‘Prose Not Ho’s’, ripping the remaining clothes from his body and plunging upon the laps of those on the front row.

Kurt Dirt, Bella Besame, The Midnight Growler, The Niallist / image: WeAreTape

He was immediately joined by the The Niallist, Bella Besame of The Slippery Belles and Kurt Dirt, overcome by the music of the orbs and hurling cardigans and flat heels to the wind, swiftly matched by the lascivious lap-grinding of their planted companions, revealed as the North of England’s dirtiest and most shameless groin-thrusters: Duke Wayward, Dauphine, Miss Littlebottom, The Blige Sisters (Isla Blige and Sheela Blige), Kitty, Miss Dixon Pieces, Trish Gallagher, Selina Silkenlicks and Jezebel Steele, all eager to flaunt, dangle and swing their swollen appendages of mixed M/F variety in the faces of an audience screaming with delight.

Forced to admit defeat and abandon themselves to perversity, the music waned all too soon. But had we peaked? Not likely. With Martiny mysteriously missing-in-Manchester, Peaches introduced the staff and directress of The Victoria Theatre, Trixxie Carr striding on stage as Deborah Tennis, determined to use the opportunity of a captive audience to aid her own Machiavellian scheming. Assisted by Mr Twiggs (David Watson), Adrian (the incomparable Zsa Zsa Noir), Veda, Vera and their mirror-doubles, the deranged directress let rip with her rendition of Star Quality, culminating in the arrival of a suspicious giant drinks dispenser. Before she and her cohorts could distribute their heart-stopping cocktail, Peaches interrupted, and the true story of her sidekick’s disappearance was revealed to those present… Martiny, nooooo!

Trixxie Carr as Deborah Tennis / image: Kris Krug

The lights extinguished and the pre-show now over, the film could begin. But there was one final surprise in store. Without wishing to reveal any spoilers, there is an early scene involving an unwilling scream queen and… a guillotine. A member of the audience sat oh-so-perfectly toward the front, in an aisle seat, actually found the sequence too disgusting to retain hold of his stomach contents and violently puked, attempting to contain the upchuck in his empty Dixie cup. It didn’t work, overflowing and covering his chest as he ran from the cinema, the illuminated aisle trim provided just enough visibility for the audience to view the scarlet spatter as it tumbled down his shirt.

Watch your step... / image: Christian Payne

Cannes and London be damned, Manchester knows how to welcome horror royalty. Peaches Christ, Joshua Grannell, Sam Sharkey, Tria Connell and Trixxie Carr, we’ve drawn up blueprints for a trans-Atlantic tunnel to aid your return commute. Talks have been taking place at the highest level, and the British government are prepared to hand over Madonna to ensure your repeat patronage. Calling all gimps, your country needs you... grab a teaspoon and start digging!

- Bren O’Callaghan, October 2010 (Producer / The Lady Pudding)

Thanks to our photographers and media assistants on the evening, especially WeAreTape, Neil Shearer, Kris Krug plus AND documentation team. Check out the reviews of the night from Curated Place, Film Rant, Little White Lies, Gemma Parker (Bride of Frankenstein), Jermain Peculiar, Arthur Chappell (Cthulhu), Documentally, Full Circle Arts, The Guardian and Wired UK, plus previews from Attitude Magazine, Dazed Digital, Creative Tourist and The Telegraph. You can check out hundreds more fantastic pictures in our full-to-bursting galleries at the following links:

Gallery 1: WeAreTape

Gallery 2: Neil Shearer

Gallery 3: Kris Krug

Gallery 4: AND
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DJ Goatface Killah pres "AVA SATANAS" [Nov. 11th, 2010|05:10 pm]
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Another spook-a-look mix, and another crosspost from Shallow Rave.

DJ Goatface Killah made a name for himself at the Satanic Toga Party a few months back by supplying the devil-worshipping revellers with a soundtrack of non-stop Dark Lord-themed hits. This being the witching season, we asked him to do a Satanic mix for Shallow Rave, and here it is. It's rather bloody good too, and surprisingly features nothing from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (no, that's a different Iron Maiden). HAIL SATAN! \m/


Download "Ave Satanas" from this link.
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Halloween Horror Mixes [Nov. 11th, 2010|04:06 pm]
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Flippin heck, I've got a lot to update here - about a dozen posts in all. I'll start with an easy one:

Crosspost from Shallow Rave.

Yes, its that time of year again, when darkness spreads across the land and the midnight hour is close at hand, etc etc. Due to the venue we had hired going out of business, we have been forced to cancel this years Rock'n'Shock festivities, which is a shame, but there's lots of other options for Samhain revelling (personally I highly recommend the Cry Parrot Art School party with Gary War, Ben Butler & Ultimate Thrush, and the return of Optimo Espookio). To get you in the mood, here are some free spookilicious download-able mixes.

The first two are from our own Menergy gang. We made these mixes back in May to promote the Italo Horror Party, but they seem more relevant at this time of year. Mine is a comp of all your favourite disco versions of horror themes while KZ's is a more brooding, modern take on John Carpenter atmospherics. But with some gay disco thrown in for good measure.

Halloween II - John Carpenter
Cannibal Ferox - Fabio Frizzi
Zombi - Goblin
Amityville Frenzy - Lalo Schiffrin
Prom Night Theme - Zaza & Zitter
Phantasm - Captain Zorro
Phantasmagoria / Silver Sphere Disco - Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave
NYC Theme - Budy-Maglione
Demons (Disco Beard Edit) - Claudio Simonetti
Friday The 13th Part III - Manfredini & Zager
Lust - Rinder & Lewis
Doin' It In A Haunted House - Yvonne Cage
Disco Blood - The Vamps
Soul Dracula - Hot Blood

THE NIALLIST Disco Argento Mix by Menergy Mixes

Actress- Paint Straw and Bubbles
Tobe Hooker- Haddonfield Fear Factory
Mr Pauli- The Crunch
Black Devil Disco Club- Timing, Forget The Timing
Pat Hodges- Fly By Night
Telespazio – Galileo – Rodion Mix
Goblin- Tenebre
Lory D – Bank Robbery
Bunker 2 – Dark Side of The Moon
Gique- Fulci's Rotting Children
Patrick Cowley – They Came At Night
Ajello and Daniele Baldelli – Cosmogony
The Immortals- Ultimate Warlord
Goblin- Suspira
Solenoid- Suspiriosm
Porn Darstellar- Holocaust

KID ZIPPER Cannibal Italocaust Mix by Menergy Mixes

Next up we have a special festive mix from our chums at the disco/house blog Feel My Bicep. The whole thing is three hours long and available from their website. There are loads of great tracks up on the to download too, so get over there and get clickin'.

There's no tracklist for this yet.


And finally here's an epic four hour mix from the producer Frenchbloke. Put together for a friend of his who had only just discovered Cabaret Voltaire, it features lots of cold-wave and minimal electronics form the early 80's. This is not specifially Halloween themed, but it is great, and some of these tunes are deliciously creepy!

xeno & oaklander - saracen
psychic youth - the future is now
ciaran harte - love is strange
deux - felicita
nightmoves - transdance (uk disco mix)
fad gadget - the box
the eurythmics - take me to your heart
metal urbain - panik
robert rental - a.c.c
rude 666 - the 1000 year storm
palais schaumburg - telefon
victrola - maritime tatami
rema rema - instrumental
the normal - warm leatherette (mathew stone remix)
cabaret voltaire - seconds too late
das boomerang - suzanne
oppenheimer analysis - the devil's dancers
futurisk - poison ivy
missing scientists - big city, bright lights
hiroshima chair - tu
eddie and sunshine - lines
moderne - indicatif
dark day - no, nothing, never
gorilla aktiv - spiegelbild
monte cazazza - kick that habit man
the passage - xoyo
ami marie - spiel mit mir
our daughters wedding - lawnchairs (dance club version)
daf - kebabtraume
blah blah blah - in the army
john bender - 06-27b4 (rainy day sunshine girl)
martin rev - mari
conrad schnitzler - auf dem schwarzen kanal
severed heads - adolf a carrot
emak - tanz in den himmel
soft cell - bleak is my favourite cliche
der plan - rot grun rot
the gist - iambic pentameter
yello - there is no reason
bourbonese qualk - lies
das kabinette - the cabinet
die krupps - goldfinger
klinik - moving hands
hula - poison (club mix)
chris and cosey - october (love song)
he said - a.b.c.dicks love
neon - lobotomy
portion control - go talk
john foxx - 20th century
front 242 - operating tracks
i start counting - my translucent hands
kas product - loony bin
spk - metal field
silicon teens - sun flight
dorothy - i confess
hard corps - je suis passee
daniel miller & boyd rice - cleanliness to order
malaria! - tod
holger hiller- jonny (du lump)
heaven 17 - i'm your money
voice farm - sleep
die doraus und die marinas - fred vom jupiter

The re-education of cartelmike by frenchbloke

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Lil063 "Lust, Caution" EP Free Download Release [Oct. 4th, 2010|04:42 pm]
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This isn't due out til Sunday (10/10/10) but I'm too excited not to put it up here today! It's limited to 200 free downloads some come and get you some.

It's booty-bass meets pop. This is music for laying.
Then leaving.
Unless you really ARE the zombie playa who just won't say no.

LUST, CAUTION EP (Lil063) by theniallist


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Zombie Pride pics [Oct. 3rd, 2010|05:07 pm]
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I was part of a "Zombie Village People" photo shoot the other week to help promote Zombie Pride here in Manchester. There's some amazing pics! I won't be here for the night unfortunately, as of course we will be doing Rock'n'Shock in Glasgow. But I would def be there otherwise!

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ROCK AND SHOCK 7! [Oct. 2nd, 2010|05:20 pm]
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This year Rock'n'Shcok is teaming up with Menergy to present the ITALOWEEN ZOMBIE PROM!

We've decided to do two seperate promo campaigns so that was can trick two different crowds to come to the same gig! MWAHAHA!! That's how evil, twisted and cruel we are.

GOLD BLOOD will be appearing live, as well as a live set from myself, and DJ action will be handled by Molotov Disco and Kid Zipper from Menergy.


Click on the pics for the Facebook event pages.
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Some flyers Oct/Nov 2010 [Sep. 29th, 2010|09:37 pm]
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Some flyers for stuff I am involved in this autumn.

I'm DJing for the first time at Lock Up Your Daughters, with some very special guests!!/event.php?eid=162549013756627&ref=ts

I'm not gonna be in MCR for this, but I AM in the flyer!!!/event.php?eid=147677958607717&ref=ts

And this is the Menergy Vogue Ball / Glasgay closing party:!/event.php?eid=157931410892575&ref=ts

I have grouped these by colour - more coming soon...
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Filiumz [Sep. 23rd, 2010|06:51 pm]
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I went to the The Runaways last night. While it's a good film it's not quite as FUCK YEAH!!! as it could be. I don't know why that is, as I can't fault the look, the story or the acting (both leads are excellent - and sexy). Maybe it just lacked some of those cheesy music-biopic montage "OMG we're No.1!!!" moments. There was only one press-clippings/vinyls/chart-placings/glamorous photo-shoots montage in the entire film.

The award for most FUCK YEAH!!!" film of the summer must go to Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It's really excellent, despite being based on comics that were already excellent - Edgar Wright has done a bang-up job and has really come through with all the talent he showed on Spaced. I look forward to seeing what he does next. A super-hero movie maybe?

Surprisingly, both these films have been box office flops, but I reckon they will both find second lives on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Honourable mention also goes to Pirahna 3-D, and the one-off screening of the Human Centipede at the Cornerhouse.
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SCEAM CLUB ft BETH DITTO If You Want It (Niallist Gmixx) [Sep. 23rd, 2010|06:38 pm]
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Here's the latest remix I've done - a G-Funk rework of lesbian icons Scream Club ft Beth Ditto. I don't think they're into it though as I have yet to hear back from them about it! :-D
But it's all gravy, I am gonna be DJing at the next Lock Up Your Daughters party where Scream Club will be appearing live. Schaweet!

SCREAM CLUB ft BETH DITTO If You Want It (Niallist G Mixx) by theniallist
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More NORAVE bumph. [Sep. 23rd, 2010|06:32 pm]
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Here's free music by each of the acts we put on:

BLOOD OF THE BULL free download EP On Winning Sperm Party:

HOLY MOUNTAIN free download single on Winning Sperm Party:

BEN BUTLER & MOUSE PAD free remix EP on Bandcamp:

DAM MANTLE free download of "Theater":

And here's the promo Radio Magnetic show:

Art by Omerchan Chirit

Listen online, stream and download the Little Rock podcast every month on Radio Magnetic from the people behind Little Rock Records and the Shallow Rave blog.

In anticipation of their forthcoming NORAVE freshers ball, Team Little Rock present an exclusive mix from Dam Mantle, plus mini-mixes from The Niallist and Kid Ritalin.

Team Little Rock return, in the flesh, to the Art School on Wednesday 15 September, presenting Holy Mountain, Blood of the Bull and Ben Butler and Mousepad live. Dam Mantle, Molotov Disco and Team Little Rock will be occupying the DJ booth, and art instillations will come from a selection of Glasgow artists. Entry is free to freshers, £3 to anyone else.


  1. Holy Mountain – Gunner – Winning Sperm Party

Dam Mantle – Superhybrid Minimix

  1. Becoming Real - Fast Motion (DVA’s high emotion Remix)
  2. Ramadanman – Fall Short – Swamp 81
  3. J Treole – The Loot (Sully Remix) – Key Sound
  4. Deadboy – If U Want Me – Nmbers
  5. Jam City – Nswl004 - Night Slugs
  6. Ramadanman - Work Them - Swamp 81
  7. Anthony “shake” Shakir – Simpatico - Logistic
  8. Gold Panda – Back Home -Avex
  9. DJ Rashad – Space Juke – Ghettophiles
  10. Puccini – Madame Butterfly Act 2

Ben Butler and Mousepad – Mousemat – Self-released

The Niallist – Bring The Noise Mix

  1. Sepultura – Refuse/Resist – Roadrunner
  2. Dizzee Rascal – Pussyole (Old School) – XL Recordings
  3. Sleigh Bells v Busta Rhymes – Tell Em Busta (Flowmack) – Bootleg
  4. Daft Punk – Technologic (Basement Jaxx Kontrol Mix) – Virgin Music (France)
  5. Gold Blood – Hair – Human Shield
  6. Tiga – What You Need – Different
  7. Dead Prez – Hip Hop – Loud Records
  8. Doctor P & Flux Pavillion – Stinkfinger – XS Records
  9. The Prodigy – Everybody In The Place – XL Recordings
  10. Public Enemy / Anthrax – Bring The Noise – Def Jam

Blood of The Bull – Flick – Winning Sperm

Kid Ritalin – Echochamber Minimix.

  1. Burial – Raver – Hyperdub
  2. Jonas Kopp – Michigan Lake – Ostgut Ton
  3. Maurizio – M4_B – M-Series
  4. Rhythm and Sound ft Cornell Campbell – King in my Empire – Rhythm and Sound
  5. Andy Stott – Hostile – Modern Love
  6. Mount Kimbie – Vertical (SCB edit) – Hot Flush
  7. DFRNT – Landscape – On The Edge
Stream it Here.
Download it here.
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Dam Mantle "Super-Hybrid" Mix [Sep. 23rd, 2010|06:20 pm]
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Up and coming post-crunk star DAM MANTLE was kind enough to do a promo mix for the NORAVE party too - he DJed an epic set of wonk-step and hip-hop after the bands were finished. We've put his promo mix up as a free download on our Soundcloud page. There's more info on Dam (Tom to his Mum), and details of his brand new "Purple Arrow" EP here: Check it out!

DAM MANTLE Super-Hybrid Mini Mix by littlerockrecords

Fast Motion - Becoming Real (DVA's high emotion Remix)
Fall Short - Ramadanman
The Loot - J Treole (Sully Remix)
If u want me - Deadboy
nswl004 - Jam City
Work Them - Ramadanman
Simpatico - Anthony "shake" Shakir
Back Home - Gold Panda
space juke - DJ Rashad
Madame Butterfly Act 2 - Puccini
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DIzze Spatula Mash-up [Sep. 23rd, 2010|06:08 pm]
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So pleased was I with the mix of Sepultura into Dizzee Rascal at the start of the Bring The Noise mix, that I decided to turn it into a full-blown mash-up in its own right. So here it is (so called because one of our mates used to refer to Sepultura as Spatula for a while).

Dizzee Spatula by littlerockrecords
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Bring The Noise NORAVE Promo Mix [Sep. 23rd, 2010|06:02 pm]
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I put together a promo mix for the NORAVE night, which is unlike any mix I have done before. It's pretty eclectic (read "all over the place") but I managed to make it work, in the spirit of Optimo. I managed to get some metal on there too which I am pretty proud of! There's been some good feedback on this mix already.

Bring The Noise Mix NORAVE PROMO by theniallist

The tracklist is:
Sepultura - Refuse/Resist
Dizzee Rascal - Pussyole (Old School)
Sleigh Bells v Busta Rhymes - Tell Em Busta (Flowmack)
Daft Punk - Technologic (Basement Jaxx Kontrol Mix)
Gold Blood - Hair
Tiga - What You Need
Dead Prez - Hip Hop
Doctor P & Flux Pavillion - Stinkfinger
The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place
Public Enemy / Anthrax - Bring The Noise

I am already planning out the next installment. Stay tuned...
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NORAVE @ The Art School 15/09/10 [Sep. 23rd, 2010|05:57 pm]
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We also threw our inaugural NORAVE party at the Glasgow Art School's Vic Bar last week, which went very well. We managed to get around 200 people in, not bad for a Wednesday, and they really did seem to appreciate the eclectic line up. I performed "Infinite Capacity" live with Ben Butler & Mousepad for the very first time, which was good craic. Hopefully there will be more of that in the future. Their label are also planning a video for the single release of that song, so that's pretty exciting! More news on that as it happens. I also managed to catch 5 minutes of Holy Mountain as I was on the door at that point - it wasn't long but I was very impressed by what I saw. Think no frills stoner/doom done in the best possible taste. While we had all assumed that the name Holy Mountain is a reference to the Jodorowsky film, I am thinking now it's more likely to be a reference to Sleep's second album. Yes, I have been getting into my stoner/doom lately - it's just more fun than dub I feel. There are also vague plans afoot for a Little Rock supergroup who will play a mix-up of doom-metal and dubstep. Oh yes!
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Manchester Pride 2010 [Sep. 23rd, 2010|05:44 pm]
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I went to Pride here in Manchester a few weeks ago too - well it is kind of my duty, isn't it? I managed to get in on the blag (thanks again Joe!) as I really couldn't be arsed to pay £17 just to walled in to the village. I will write about that in another Manchester Calling post soon. I did get to see the Divine David performing at Club Brenda, and I managed to see Kelis live, which was great:

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Enough Is Enough! [Sep. 23rd, 2010|05:32 pm]
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I thought this deserved an entry in its own right. It's a very worthwhile campaign to get the media to pay more attention to homophobic crime, and to do outreach work about tolerance to schools and youth groups. Anthony Cotton from Coronation Street is the bruised face of the campaign, though Sir Ian McKellan (iMac to his friends) and a bunch of other well known folk are involved too.

Enough is Enough - Take action against homophobia from Enough is Enough on Vimeo.

Homophobic crime is still happening (of course), epecially amongst the young, so if anyone else is interested in adding their name to the databank, or getting more info, go to:
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Bestival 2010. [Sep. 23rd, 2010|05:23 pm]
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I went to Bestival a couple of weeks ago, I got in on the blag as I volunteered for the "Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophobia" stall, but that was pretty fun anyway and we were done by 5 every day. The stall was right next to the Women's Institute tent which sold coffee and cakes at only 60p a pop. Win! Here's pics, also featuring Emma, Mike and Joe:

I saw some great bands (LCD, Flaming Lips, Chrome Hoof, Chic, Caribou), ran into some friends and had a good time, but I still have mixed feelings about the festival. I posted my ever-so-slightly sarky review of Bestival over at Shallow Rave.
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Disco Beard downloads / interview [Sep. 23rd, 2010|04:56 pm]
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I uploaded the entire Disco Beard back catalogue to sendspace for someone to hear about a month ago - so if you haven't got any of this music now's your chance! Not sure how long more it will last up there, so if you want it grab it now. It's comprises the Beardism album, the Beardiality EP, and a couple of previously unreleased edits. So you get Giorgio Moroder, Bonzo Dog Band, Musique, Donald Byrd, JJ Cale, Claudio Simonetti, Stereolab, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Rapure, Annie, Citi, Earlene Bentley, Clifton Dyson, Richard T Bear, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Divine & Daft Punk. Click the pic above. Here's Stereolab's "One Finger Symphony (Re-Edit)":

</lj-embed> STEREOLAB One Finger Symphony (Disco Beard Edit) by littlerockrecords

IDJ Magazine also sent through a list of questions for DB to answer for their special "Beards" edition. We don't know yet if this ever got used, but here are the answers in full (after the cut):

Disco Beard interview for IDJ MagazineCollapse )

IMO Arthur Baker has the best disco beard - because it walks the line of being actually a disco beard (neat, trimmed) AND a muso beard, all the while being totally woofy:

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BIG FUN Teenage Suicide (Re-Edit) [Sep. 23rd, 2010|04:15 pm]
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Here's a re-edit I did of Big Fun's "Teenage Suicide" from the Heathers soundtrack. Yes, the obsession goes on and on. The quality's not the best on this as I had to rip it off Youtube, but it's still a good track. I also never got to play it on the night due to laptop troubles. but it didn't matter as hardly any of the audience seemed to know what Heathers was. I had a copy of Moby Dick I asked people to choose random suicide words out of, which was good fun. People were up for it, but still I had to explain to them why they were doing it. What is this next generation coming to?!

BIG FUN Teenage Suicide (Re-Edit) by theniallist
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Major Damage mix [Sep. 23rd, 2010|04:07 pm]
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Here's a mix I did for the Heathers night. There's more mixes, including the "I'm A Veronica" Hi-NRG mix by Teamy over at

Major Damage Mix (Menergy HEATHERS Party Promo) by theniallist

Sebastian Tellier - Sexual Sportswear
Gold Blood - Don't Waste My Time
Detachments - Holiday Romance (T&A Remix)
Dana & Siriusmo - Meine Welt Ist Wunderbar
Dolby Anol - Heather I'm Dry (Edit)
Sabrina - Boys (Future Shock Less Vocal Mix)
Annie - Two Of Hearts (Skatebaard High Energy Mix)
Hard Ton - Flawless
Lady Gaga - Telephone (Niallist 86 Mix)
The Niallist - Big Man (Male Vocal)
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Menergy HEATHERS Party [Sep. 23rd, 2010|03:31 pm]
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Wow - nearly a month since I posted on here, that's cos things have been pretty damn busy lately!

We had our Menergy "Heathers" party last week, which was great fun. We rinsed the Heathers banter on the Facebook page - check it out and see how obsessive we can be. I want to push some of those quips as far into the mainstream as possible. How very. Here's the flyer:

I donned a costume in tribute of the late great Glenn Shadix, who played Father Ripper in the film.

Good times!
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Latest Radio Magnetic Show ft Peter Mangalore (Human Shield) [Aug. 18th, 2010|05:07 pm]
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Forgot to post this here the other week - originally on Shallow Rave. Natch.

mangalore 450

Listen online, stream and download the Little Rock podcast every week on Radio Magnetic from the people behind Little Rock Records and

The Niallist returns to Radio Magnetic, with a slick and sexy slice of Italo goodness from Human Shield co-head Peter Mangalore.

New hotness from Shunda K, Ben Butler and Mousepad and Gold Blood, it’s The Niallist bringing the best of what’s rocking his stereo.

Rave! Italo! Synth-pop! No microphones! And TAD!

  1. Shunda K – I’m Da Best ft Shon B (Niallist Duh Mixx) – Unreleased
  2. Genuine Guy – Bad People Get Laid – Tigerbass
  3. Ben Butler & Mousepad – Future Tent (Genuine Guy Remix) – Bandcamp
  4. Detachments – Flowers That Fell (Gold Blood Remix) – ThisIsNotAnExit
  5. Peter Mangalore – Cosmic Hearse Mix
  6. TAD – Pork Chop - Sub Pop
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Big Fun photo shoot [Aug. 18th, 2010|03:44 pm]
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Taken at the same time as the Che Camille show the other week, this was a fun shoot!
All photos copyright 2010 Chris Anderson.

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Big Fun! [Aug. 16th, 2010|01:17 pm]
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Sunday's show. [Aug. 10th, 2010|11:17 am]
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Sunday's fashion show by Che Camille (at the Edinburgh Fringe) was streamed live on Usteam, and has been recorded for posterity. You can watch it here - I perform Rock The Shop at about 48:00. The sound quality is pretty dire though, so best to just turn it off. It was an epic show (2 x 90 mins, 14 designers, 10 models) with a fair amount of stress, but it all worked out very well in the end.

Free Webcam Chat at Ustream

Sadly, that does mean the end of the Che Camille shop as we know it, but I have no doubt that we'll be seeing more of Che!
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Che Camille @ the Fringe, this Sunday! [Aug. 5th, 2010|05:48 pm]
I'm going to be doing some DJing and a wee bit of live stuff at this on Sunday. It will be a laugh! Where my Edinburghers at?

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Toy Story 3 [Aug. 3rd, 2010|02:25 pm]
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Xpost from Shallow Rave.

I went to see Toy story 3 yesterday - suffice to say that I loved it, even the evil Lots-O'Huggin' Bear. All he really needed was somebody to love. Awww. Fans of the first two films will definitely like it, and there's quite a few genuinely moving moments among the stunning animation.

What makes me write this post however, is the work of the NY Press film critic Armond White. Mr White is taking a lot of pelters online at the moment for writing deliberately "contrarian" reviews where he hates films that everyone else loves, and vice versa. So much so, that there is a campaign to get his reviews banned form the film review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. He also gets quite ranty about non-professional online film criticism and how it cheapens his work.

Personally I don't think he should be banned from Rotten Tomatoes - opinions should be allowed to be expressed on the internet, contrarian or not. I think a quick read of some of Mr White's very badly written (and thought out) reviews should be enough to discredit him from the film review community, whether online or in print. Case in point:

Armond White reviews Toy Story 3 critiques Armond White's review of TS3

Case closed.
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I'm on the phone [Aug. 3rd, 2010|01:54 pm]
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I thought these things were supposed to get smaller, not bigger?

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SHUNDA K [Aug. 2nd, 2010|02:35 pm]
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I spent a day in London last week recording vocals with the wondeful Shunda K of Yo Majesty. That girl is fast, professional and very talented! We worked on a version of I Came that is sounding shit hot, hopefully we will have some male input on it too from a rapper we both know. Shunda's a great MC and I look forward to working with her again in the future. In the meantime, here's a remix I have done of her next single "I'm Da Best", and a dub version of that mix too.

SHUNDA K ft SHON B I'm Da Best (Niallist DUH Mixx) by theniallist

SHUNDA K ft SHON B I'm Da Best (Niallist DUHBB) by theniallist

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I Came MIXTAPE [Jul. 30th, 2010|12:10 pm]
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Xpost form Shallow Rave - and yeah, I can't be arsed changing it back to first person.

Part 2 of Little Rock's 3rd birthday celebrations sees the Niallist drop his "I Came" mixtape.

"I Came" is the lead track on the upcoming "Lust, Caution" EP, and will be getting a full 12" release on Little Rock with remixes from the Niallist, DFRNT and Brassica. This 20 minute tape features both the male and female vocal versions, live recordings from Optimo (Espacio) and BBC radio, guest MC spots from Shunda K (Yo Majesty), Rel$ (Nail In The Coffin) & Cindy Wondeful (Scream Club) and an exclusive remix by Human Shield's Gold Blood. You can listen and download it through Soundcloud:

I CAME Mixtape by theniallist
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Team Little Rock - "Departures" EP FREE DOWNLOAD [Jul. 29th, 2010|05:18 pm]
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Xpost from Shallow Rave.

The third and final installment in our third birthday music giveaway is here - the four track "Departures" EP. Featuring a track each from the core team at Little Rock, this is some straight-up, no-bullshit, dancefloor-aimed action.

So you get some glitch-house from Dalai Dahmer, some shuffle-techno from Line Idle, a bit of swung minimalism from Kid Ritalin and an afro-funk groove from the Two Two Kru (aka The Niallist).

The EP can be downloaded from this link:

Big thanks to Peter Collins for the lovely artwork. Enjoy!
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FUCKNO EP free download [Jul. 27th, 2010|12:56 pm]
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Xpost from Shallow Rave.

It's our 3rd birthday here at Little Rock, so to celebrate we have a few freebies coming your way over the next week. First up is the FUCKNO EP - featuring new tracks by 7 of the acts featured on the FUCKNO LP (still available to download). In keeping with the spirit of NORAVE the tracks veer from post-crunk to delicate ambient, from noise-hop to torch song to a bizarre afro-rock-house jam to end it all. All tracks are at 320Mb and the whole thing clocks in at 49 minutes. Total artronica. Go get:

BLOOD OF THE BULL - The Saxophonist
DR NOJOKE - Sublimacy (Instrumental)
HANNAS BARBER - Cloud Mountain
HARLEQUINADE (ft gungwho, asthmatic astronaut, eaters, kobra audio labs, paul keene, mo-seph, texture + tickle) - Bootlegs & Besides
MINUS TWO QUARTET - Untitled (full length version)
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Behind the scenes Pride pics... [Jul. 27th, 2010|12:52 pm]
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This is us getting ready backstage at Che Camille.

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More Pride pics. [Jul. 22nd, 2010|02:05 pm]
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Well, as you might have been able to tell, HyperPride was on the same day as actual Glasgow Pride, even though we had nothing to do with it. We did go down to George's Square in the afternoon to do a fake religious picket and hand out flyers though, which is where these pics are from. It ws a good laugh having that many poofs together in public, it's just a pity the entertainment laid on was so dire.

One of our placcards:

Me and Kid Zipper:

The girls of Lock Up Your Daughters:
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FUCKNO gif [Jul. 22nd, 2010|01:36 am]
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I made a FUCKNO gif today using the logo and a lot of the pixelate filter. We will be releasing the FUCKNO EP follow up to the album as part of our third birthday this month, with music from Blood Of The Bull, Dam Mantle, Dr Nojoke, Hannas Barber, Harlequinade, Kodama Norihito and Minus Two Quartet. Stay tuned!

FUCKNO the album is still available, featuring music form the above acts and 24 more. Get it from:
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HyperPride pictures [Jul. 21st, 2010|05:20 pm]
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FINALLY! Pictures are back from Saturday night - here's some of me, in my new pseudo-leather look, performing at the Flying Duck, and performing with a tranny called Gazelle. All photos by Alephnaught.

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Ben Butler & Mousepad "Future Tent" Remix EP Free Download. [Jul. 21st, 2010|02:32 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , ]

Get it from Bandcamp:

7 tracks, all remixes of "Future Tent", including mixes by myself, Sun Papa, Genuine Guy, oMMM, Splash Wave, Tangles and Thunderous Mountain. All available for absolutely nish. So there. Go and grab it...
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When You're Strange: A Film About The Doors [Jul. 15th, 2010|02:18 pm]
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I went to see "When You're Strange" last night, the documentary about the rise and fall of the Doors by director Tom DiCillo. It's an odd film, not so much for content or tone, but just for general purpose. And here's my review. First some background...

The Doors were my first true musical love. Sure, other things pricked my ears as a child, like Prince, The Stone Roses, PSB, G'n'R, and S'Express, but at the time of the release of Oliver Stone's "The Doors" biopic I became obsessed. I guess the timing was right - puberty had just hit, I had developed an interest in 60's culture thanks to the rave scene, I wanted to expand my musical horizons, and no-one else seemed to know who they were. I guess having a sudden access to this treasure trove of music and myth through magazine features, TV spots and the film itself helped. I bought all their albums, two live sets and even An American Prayer (Morrison's solo album of spoken-word/poetry). I had posters on my wall, t-shirts, I scribbled the distinctive logo everywhere I could, I even visited Morrison's grave at the Pere Lachaise cemetary in Paris while on a language exchange.

Of course, it goes without saying that the Doors, and Morrison in particular, are one of the archtypal "adolescent" bands. Get in to them as a teen, give them a few years, and then cringe at the poor quality of some of his supposed "poetry" and attitudes once you have grown up and learned a little. At the tail end of my obsession I discovered a ratty, falling apart copy of Danny Sugerman's book "No One Here Gets Out Alive" in one of my school's classrooms. It's an amazing read, filled as it is with true life tales of Morrison's genuinely reprehensible behaviour, but it leaves a bad taste, particularly about Morrison the man as opposed to the myth. Then of course there's Stone's film - pretty mind blowing when you're thirteen but an absolute crock once you enter your twenties. So, what about "When You're Strange"?

At it's core the film is admirable, using as it does only archive footage from the period with no re-enactments and no extraneous narrative elements imposed, save for Johnny Depp's spare voice over. But the main problem is: what exactly does this film have to offer? And who is it aimed at? There is absolutely no new knowledge to be had here for fans of the band - in fact, there's even less than what I was expecting, with practically no mention of Morrison's legendary libido and the scrapes it got him in (in fact his wife Pamela is mentioned twice in 90 minutes!), and precious little of the mystic side of the man that made him so attractive to the hippie generation and beyond.

Personally, I get the feeling this was only made as a riposte to Stone's Doors movie, as the band themselves very famously and publically hated that 1991 picture. And I guess it may serve that purpose well, it might become the official starting point or beginers guide for anyone interested in getting into the Doors. Unfortunately though that means that it never really transcends its made-for-TV roots (even with the world's highest paid actor doing the voice-over) and even then, VH1 or MTV would insert interviews with some of the key band members/personnel. Large gaps appear in the story, and bizarrely the chronolgy skips back and forth for no reason. One minute the band have released "Touch Me" (December 68), the next it's the "Miami incident" (March 68) - later on the band have just released the "Morrison Hotel" LP (1970), and the next man is walking on the moon. Hunh?!

This film is not completely without merit though. Some of the archive footage is immense, and yes, there is lots of footage here that I had never previously seen on any of the videos I trawled through in the early 90s. Of course, the soundtrack is amazing (reminding the viewer that behind the sometimes embarassing Morrison were three of the best players pop has ever known, who managed to fuse their different styles into an exciting, fresh, and coherent whole), and the live performance footage is stunning, particularly the first time the band play "The End" at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, and when they play it again as an elongated blues jam at the Isle Of White Festival. Mick Jagger may have been the first "front-man" of the 60's, but Jim Morrison was better, perhaps the best of all time, and the mid Sixites footage reminds the viewer how stunningly beautiful he was in his prime. But even with all this great footage, it just got me thinking how many damn cameras were around this band all of the time? And how much of Morrison's act was simply to play up to those cameras? He was originally a film student, after all.

This film is worth watching if you don't know anything about the band at all (watch this before you watch Oliver Stone's film, and after you have seen that go read "No One Here Gets Out Alive" to see what he left out) but for the hardcore fan there's not much to learn here. Except maybe to have the fires of youth rekindled again - yeah I haven't really listened to the Doors much since I was about 18, but I think I sense a revival coming right back on my stereo...

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SHUNDA K ft SHON B I'm Da Best (Niallist DUH MIxx) [Jul. 8th, 2010|03:21 pm]
SHUNDA K ft SHON B I'm Da Best (Niallist DUH Mixx) by theniallist
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Men & Machines, Sat 31st July [Jul. 6th, 2010|06:20 pm]
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Got another gig in Glasgow at the end of this month, with Men And Machines. I'm thinking it will be more House Machine-y than Niallistic.

Here's the Facebok event page -!/event.php?eid=126671854029217 - let us know if you wanna come along...

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FUc51 guest article [Jul. 2nd, 2010|04:44 pm]
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Xpost from Shallow Rave.

I've just had a guest article published on the Manchester blog Fuc51, about the differences between the music scenes in Manchester and Glasgow (as I see them).

Fuc is a great blog, ruthlessly taking the piss out of the current "The Hacienda was amazing!"/"Aren't The Stone Roses brilliant?"/"We love Joy Division we do!"-type revivalism prevalent in the city, and in particular the London-based media. Suffice to say that Peter Hook is NOT a fan.

The article is here: and you gotta love that pic they've put with it!
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